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2008 Swap Meet

How good was it? Our swap meet chairman reports that this year's swap was so good that we never even got our annual "irate citizen" anonymous phone message on the club phone! The weather was fabulous, the buyers and sellers came out in droves, the Boy Scouts sold their first hamburger at 6:30 AM and never rested all day. Our own Donut Dolly sold so many donuts that it's profit made up for half the loss of the poster sales! We sold out all available spaces and had to turn away some late comers, even though we were tempted to re-sell a couple of no-shows. One of those who was turned away parked on the side and wound up selling the car on his trailer anyway!

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Until we get more pictures from this year's swap meet, here's one from our very first swap meet back in 1968. That's Bob & Dee McCoppin and their truck, at Sears Southland in Hayward. It looks like they're signing up new members for the Club! The skinny pipe smoking Grease pit Poet had brand new coveralls that day, and Dee was a knockout with her 1968 sunglasses! The date on the side of the snapshot, Sep 68, was when the film was developed. Remember camera film? Picture courtesy of Dick Hanson, the EFV8CA President in '68, who brought a photo album to this year's swap meet.